Manyung Gallery Group


Manyung Gallery delivers 52 years of art experience, knowledge and personal service, helping first time buyers and collectors access affordable paintings and sculptures. Offering 150 artists of incredible distinction and cultural backgrounds and almost 2000 artworks, enable even the most fussy buyer find those special pieces. Visitors can enjoy current and diverse exhibitions, virtually on their devices at home, or by visiting one of Manyung's galleries or warehouses, or on a Manyung stand at AAF's, where a myriad of paintings and sculptures from 30cm to 3 metres can be viewed and experienced. So many styles, sizes and stages of art careers can be experienced. The group conducts over 30 exhibitions annually across its 5 galleries and represents Australian, UK, USA and New Zealand based artists at AAF in Singapore, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney. Having now despatched artworks to over 25 countries and destinations worldwide, Manyung uses DHL and bespoke packing, so collectors can be assured of safe and timely arrival. Dealing with Manyung, buyers can confidently expect to receive the benefits of their established reputation, time in the market, honest dealings and one of the widest choices of contemporary artwork to be viewed anywhere.

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