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The exploration of various techniques and materiality is a main focus in the curation of art exhibits and projects and these vary from oil, acrylics, spray paint, tempera, graphite, chalk and ink to coffee, sugar, lead filings, paraffin wax, cabbage, gold leaving and beading and is applied to canvases using a variety of natural materials such as linen, wood, animal skulls and metal. The curatorial process of creating artistic synergies and exposing unique contemporary works of exceptional quality to an international clientele is Folly & Muse’s objective. Our aim is to create a premium unique experience for our clients by offering them distinctive and out of the box art and designs that create emotional connections and that tell a story of craftsmanship and luxury. “Art is not a study of positive reality, it is the seeking for ideal truth.” -John Ruskin The cultural aspects of art and its' striving for ideal truth; as John Ruskin puts it, has helped to improve both society and corporate performance. The right art touches emotionally, educates us about our own history and transforms spaces and elevates our experience from the usual and expected to the sublime, an 'ideal truth' that we all naturally strive towards. Folly & Muse collaborates with emerging talent from across Europe to capture the artistic and cultural zeitgeist. While our artists are from various cultures, such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Nigeria and England, they are all at the pulse of our time. Their inspirations materialize in manifold artistic expressions, the essence of which can be perceived with your imagination and mind only. Folly & Muse tells cultural narratives by displaying contemporary works of great dynamic energy of colour and form, and explores the emotional aspects of art and its inherence of freedom of creative expression. We want to curate an aesthetic experience on a minimalistic designed backdrop that inspires to reinvent the way our clients are experiencing contemporary art and design in their own homes and within their working environment. Life. Curated.


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