Yara Damián



Spanish painter Yara Damián received her BFA from Complutense University of Madrid in 2002. She has received several painting scholarships and been awarded residencies at Escorial Summer School, Gral Foundation of the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain and Stª María Albarracín Foundation, Teruel, Spain in 2000, Acosta Foundation, Granada, Spain in 2001 and at Mondariz Wellness Foundation, Pontevedra, Spain in 2002. She was awarded first place at the XVIII National Painting Award Enrique Lite, University of La Laguna, Spain in 2014 and second place in the 'Expressionism-Figure' category at the American Art Awards in 2014. Yara Damián's work has been celebrated in solo exhibitions in Guadalajara and Madrid in her native Spain as well as regular group exhibitions in the U.K., Spain, Norway and the USA. Yara is currently studying towards a Masters in teaching art.

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Artwork by Yara Damián