Sharon Walters

United Kingdom

Sharon Walters is a London-based artist who creates hand-assembled collages celebrating black women. The series entitled 'Seeing Ourselves' explores under-representation in many arenas, in particular, the Arts and Heritage sector and mainstream western media. The work encourages us to 'take up space', be seen and create our own spaces. ‘Seeing Ourselves’ explores identity, beauty standards and race through papercuts and hand-assembled collage. Sharon creates pieces using both images from women’s magazines and photographs taken herself or provided by others. Each collage is carefully constructed, features a black woman and is a celebration of natural afro hair and its beauty. So often blackness is represented as 'other'. Sharon provokes an alternative narrative of empowerment. Each piece is a reaffirmation of the right to ‘take up space’ even when you don’t see yourself in certain settings.

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Artwork by Sharon Walters