Este Macleod

United Kingdom

Expressionist Folk Art Naïve
Expressionist Folk Art Naïve

Este MacLeod is a professional painter and designer born in South Africa and now living in Berkshire. Through her work, Este reflects on the sentiments, joy and nostalgia surrounding the on-going process of life. As a fine artists, Este works primarily as a colourist, applying a unique sense of design strongly influenced by her training as textile designer and being a studio ceramicist.  A love of vintage household objects, simplified plants and natural shape inform her still life, landscape and fantasy paintings. Este distorts and simplifies recognisable everyday objects by working in acrylic paints with a variety of mediums to create textured surfaces. Much attention to detail, use of lines and brush strokes, complimentary colours, layering of paint and scraping techniques are intrinsic to her way of working. Este’s images have been used by John Lewis and Paperchase. As an England Arts Council Arts Award adviser, Este facilitates projects at art fairs such as Art in Action. Este exhibits in galleries in the UK and abroad. Her paintings and sculptures are in public and private collections around the world including Chatsworth house and the South African parliament.

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Battersea, London - Autumn: 20 - 23 October 2022
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