Danielle Lescot



Education and career path: Graduated from Paris V University in Human Sciences 1972 - 1977 Ceramic training and apprenticeship in the workshops of: - Michèle Favre from 1968 to 1972 - Robert Deblander in 1975 - Camille Virot in 1976 - Valentine Mosset, summer 1981 1982 1984: Sculpture in Isabelle Walberg's studio at the Beaux Arts in Paris, 1982 Drawing and sculpture at the Ecole Boule, Paris, 1984-1985 Creation of my workshop "37 rue de Fécamp", in 1978 Sculpture / Ceramics Painting / Drawing Jobs in parallel: From 1977 to 1997, works in Freelance for advertising agencies (graphic design) From 1976 to 1980, trainer in a hospital environment (plastic arts) Since 2005, teaches "Contemporary Ceramic Forms", in the "Land and Fire" art school on Monday mornings. Recent exhibitions 2020 Gallery Abstract Project, "What could not have been", "Colors" and "pocket sizes", Paris 11th Wilo & grove, pop up rue d'Uzès, Paris 9th 2019 The Drawing Collective, ICA MECA, Portland, Maine USA ConstructionS, Galerie Grès, Paris 4th Maison de la Francité, Artésio and Monumento, Brussels, Belgium Maybe Gallery, Villefranche sur Saone, France Concrete diversity, Olivier Nouvelet gallery, Paris 6th Wilo & Grove, pop-up gallery, rue Amelot and rue Bachaumont, Paris. New Realities, sculpture art constructed 2018 Apertum, Monumento, in situ and land art in Brussels, Belgium Wilo & Grove, pop up gallery, Rue Racine and Rue Madame, Paris 5th Talents, By Chatel galerie, Paris, 4th Rediscover the North, Rastoll gallery, Paris 3rd Color + Shape, Olivier Nouvellet gallery, Paris, 6th arrondissement New Realities, sculpture art constructed.

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