Dale Najarian

United States

Minimalist Contemporary
Minimalist Contemporary

Dale Najarian received her BFA from Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia. She began painting in 1998. In 2005 she relocated with her family to Singapore for several years and travelled throughout South East Asia, New Zealand, Australia and China. Dale's photographs taken during this time are a source of inspiration for many of her landscape paintings. According to Najarian, "Art is my passion and a huge part of my everyday life. My work is a colorful translation of everyday scenes and objects. I often work from life or in my studio using photography as a general guide. Once I get the feel for the painting, I abandon the actual image and create from within to develop a recognizable yet simplistic painting the viewer can identify with. I feel very privileged to be able to paint and show my work." Her work has been shown and collected throughout the US and UK. She currently works in her studio in Westport, CT.

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