Carolyn Tyrer

United Kingdom

Expressionist Contemporary
Expressionist Contemporary

Carolyn Tyrer is an artist, sailor and teacher. She paints in oils and acrylics on canvas and loves to capture the sheer beauty, power and mood of the sea around the world. The inspiration for her paintings and drawings comes from a love of the countryside and seascapes. Each of her captivating paintings represent a journey through the landscape and buildings that are unique to Great Britain. Her work is also inspired by the group of seven who painted the Canadian scenery in oils and produced very innovative work in wonderful colours. Tyrer has a studio in the heart of Oxfordshire and exhibits her work all around the UK. She has produced paintings for many publishers including WHSmith, Heron Arts, and Hallmark Cards. Her paintings are also in collections worldwide.

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Battersea Autumn
Battersea, London - Autumn: 20 - 23 October 2022
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