Anna Noel

United Kingdom

Folk Art Illustrative Naïve
Folk Art Illustrative Naïve

Alison Britton has said of my work: ‘The animals in Anna Noel’s small sculptures tread a delicate line between folk art and modernity; she has a particular sensibility that can include humour and solemnity, and an economy of form and painting. Combining form painting is one of the special skills or work with clay. '

From early childhood in Wales animals have fascinated Anna and their imagery has fuelled her imagination. Animals used in stories, myths and folklore often express and symbolise the complexities of childhood and the adult world. Anna studied at Bath Academy of Art and The Royal College of Art where she gained an M.A. in Ceramics. Anna often likes to include tests from poems, riddles and rhymes in her work and draws inspiration from ancient sculpture and folk art from a variety of cultures; particularly America and European traditions.

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Battersea, London - Spring: 10 - 13 March 2022
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