Allison M. Low


Figurative Conceptual Surrealist
Figurative Conceptual Surrealist

Allison M. Low is an artist based in Singapore. Fascinated by the human condition, she works primarily as an image maker and her practice has recently expanded into the fields of murals, installation art and digital projections.  After graduating with a Diploma in Visual Communications from Temasek Polytechnic School of Design, Allison obtained a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from the College of Fine Art (UNSW) in Sydney where she majored in drawing and painting. Her work has been showcased internationally and since 2010, her works have been exhibited in galleries such as Taksu Gallery (Sg, KL), Robin Gibson Gallery (NSW), Air space Projects (NSW) and Keep Contemporary (Santa Fe, NM) among others. She also frequently takes part in local art events in Singapore such as the annual Illustration Arts Festival run by OIC Singapore. Allison’s 2015 debut solo exhibition ‘Oddlings’ opened at The Substation Gallery received the ‘Highly Commended’ prize at its first mini showcase in the COFA Annualand and travelled to Sydney and other cities.

Her second solo exhibition in Singapore was held at the prestigious K+ Curatorial Space in Scott’s Square Singapore in 2018, and she is now working on her third solo show due to open in Singapore in 2021. 

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